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"Fabulous! Perfect for the cosy cabin I have in the porch. When my cat chooses to go out in the early hours for a wander, then he returns before I am up and about so he is happy and snug in a lovely cosy cabin till I open the front door."


Meet the makers of the Kitty Cabin

We are a team of experienced plastic moulding engineers based in Cornwall. We take pride in every Kitty Cabin we make, and we make hundreds every day!

We hope you enjoy using your Kitty Cabin and that it keeps your pet warm and dry for years to come.

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Durable & waterproof

Kitty Cabins are made from a single piece of moulded plastic. They cannot leak, will not deteriorate in sunlight and will last for many years.

Add accessories

Add a self-heating mat and a cat flap for additional warmth and security for your pet.

Not just for cats!

Kitty Cabins are great shelters for rabbits and guinea pigs and they make excellent nesting boxes for hens too! They are so much longer lasting than traditional wooden hutches.

What customers say

Customers most often tell us about how their Kitty Cabin has provided much-needed shelter for their pet. They also often comment on the quick delivery and they love that they don't have to put it together!