What animal lovers say

"We wouldn’t buy shelters for feral cats from anyone else, yours are amazing hence why we keep buying them. Your shelters save lives."

Ginger Cat Crafts, fundraisers for feral cat rescue and shelter

our cat vesper in her kitty cabin

Our Kitty Cabins are weatherproof

Made from a single piece of moulded high-density plastic, there are no joins for water to get in and our outdoor cat cabin is raised off the ground so no sitting in puddles!

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Freedom for your pet

Most cats prefer to explore the outdoors as much as possible but if you go out to work and can't fit a cat-flap, the Kitty Cabin is the perfect solution.

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cat sitting on top of kitty cabin

Cats are particular!

We know that all pets - especially cats - are very particular about where they sleep and shelter. Safety, comfort and familiarity are vital.

So, we offer our 'catisfaction guarantee' - if your pet doesn't like their Kitty Cabin just send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

  • We care about animals

    We help animals in need through fundraising, discounted and occasionally free Kitty Cabins to local shelters.

  • Questions?

    Check our FAQs to learn about Kitty Cabins and how to ensure your pet will love their new outdoor shelter.

  • Made in the UK

    Kitty Cabins are made by us in Cornwall, England.

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