Meet the Makers of the Kitty Cabin

Thanks for popping by! We're delighted you're shopping with us. Scroll on down to find out more about who makes the Kitty Cabin.

About us

We are a team of experienced plastic moulding engineers based in Callington, east Cornwall.

We've been making things out of plastic for over 30 years and now we want to bring our products direct to customers - it's an exciting new part of our journey and we're so pleased you're with us.

Our team is headed up by Claire Walker and Geoff Stockley who are passionate about helping bring ideas to life.

We have a fantastic facility in beautiful east Cornwall where all of our products are made and hand finished by our team. Over the years we've made everything from car body parts, to dustbins, jerry cans and of course our fabulous Kitty Cabin!

We use a coloured plastic powder and custom-made metal moulds to create the Kitty Cabin - the moulds are 'cooked' in giant ovens before being carefully removed by the operatives, hand-finished and made ready for sale. 

As they are made in one piece there are no joints or holes so the Kitty Cabin is completely weatherproof and very easy to clean. 

We take pride in every one, and we make hundreds every day!

Occasionally we produce a less-than-perfect Kitty Cabin or an experimental colour which we lovingly call 'Oddballs'. We offer these for sale at a reduced price but with no returns/refunds. 

We hope you enjoy using your Kitty Cabin and that it keeps your pet warm and dry for years to come.

Claire and Geoff

Geoff Stockley

Find out more about us and how Kitty Cabin is made.