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Kitty Cabin - Oddballs
Nicholas Peter collins
Looked perfectly good to me

Could not tell that it was a second. The cat took to it straight away and the roof overhang keeps the rain out nicely

Kitty Cabin - Oddballs
Dianne Foulkes
Great product

Great, fully waterproof shelter for cats. Product was well packaged and delivered quickly. Thanks

Self heating mat

It works . but overpriced I think.

Complete closed unit so no building involved and cats love it - a warm waterproof outdoor house for the catio

kitty cabin

brought for a stray cat, who took a few days before he ventured in.its very sturdy and waterproof

Kitty Cabin - Oddballs
Alison Davies
Kitty loves his Cabin

I have 3 cats but the new Kitty Cabin has been taken over by the top cat, Jasper. He loves it so much that he refuses to share with his fur brothers.

Peace of mind

First night I put it in the garden, a little cat wandered over and slept in it. If you have a cat that likes to go out, or neighbourhood cats who go out in bad weather, this will help you sleep easier because you won't worry about them being cold or wet. (Extreme weather aside.) It's light but sturdy, and the self-warming cushion bought as part of a bundle offer is excellent. Cats seem to like it and that's high praise! Delivery was 10/10, dispatch was next day, and I can't praise you enough, Cosy Cabins - thank you!

Thank you for sending so quickly. My little stray went straight in to it after it was made cosy and warm for him.

Kitty cabin

Bought a kitty cabin for a feral cat that visits very happy with this product and its fully waterproof.


A definite 'must have' for the Kitty Cabin. Am absolute necessity during this cold weather. Ginger George gives it the thumbs up for comfort and efficiency.

Perfect shelter for an outdoor cat. Well made. Will last a very very long time.

Money well spent!

I bought this for a very battered and straggly stray cat who I had been feeding. There was no chance that my dog would ever accept a cat in the house and I couldn't bear the thought of him being wet and cold outside in winter. I bought the Kitty Cabin plus thermal blanket, added a few more blankets for extra warmth and comfort and within a few days, Ginger George had moved into his new accommodation! I was over the moon to see his little face there! The cabin is sturdy, waterproof and windproof - well worth the money. For extra comfort in this very cold weather, I have filled a big sock with dry rice which I microwave until it's lovely and warm and pop that into the cabin. There's no such thing as too much comfort! Ginger George and I both love his new home and I would recommend them 100%.

Eco Kitty Cabin | Recycled Plastic Pet Shelter

Cosy cabin

Cabin is great but was disappointed to find that the self heating mat with cover was made in China.

Right for the job

Well made, robust, appropriately weighty and at least 1 of the visiting cats has snuggled down in it 😺

Cabin and liner

Bought for my house cat who likes to go out a lot,somewhere cosy for her to snuggle in if no-one around to let her back in. Also bought warm liner to go inside,was rather disappointed to find it was made in China not Britain like the cabin.

Great Product

Robust and ideal for cats. Particularly those who go out and about!

Perfect Dry Space

This is absolutely weather proof and great protection for any small size outdoor creature. Really happy with this.

Excellent. The cat loves it.

Panther Four Paws the cat, loves to sit inside the cabin to keep warm and dry. The design of the cabin also means that he can keep out of any strong winds too. He is safe and warm in there when I'm not at home during the day. I'm very pleased that I bought him a Cosy Cabin and so is Panther Four Paws too.

Best cat hut ever

My cat went straight in and loves it I put an igloo bed in it the hut is quite big I’m so glad I bought it he’s very old now and lives in an old conservatory and can not come in as I’m allergic he’s a stray it’s very warm thank you🦋

Cat loves it!

We bought this for a friendly local cat who sadly seems quite neglected by his owner, and gets left out all night in the cold. As soon as I put it out for him, he was straight in there - he loves it :) Well made, seems weatherproof, and delivery was super-quick.

I would echo another review though that mentioned the doorway had some very sharp edges - I sanded these down, as they seemed quite dangerous. That left me slightly disappointed that the makers hadn't put the safety of the cat first. I also made the shelter warmer by taping some foil insulation on the walls inside, which was a bit fiddly to do. But with the self-heating mat and some straw added, the cat now seems toasty warm in there! It would be even better if you could buy a shelter with the insulation already in place.

Grey cat the stray cat loves his Cosy Cabin

Bought for our newly acquired stray cat to make him comfortable this winter. It took a week for him to use it, as soon as temperatures dropped he took up residence. 5 stars from a happy cat!

Eco Kitty Cabin | Recycled Plastic Pet Shelter

Feral Fun

What a marvellous idea. Our Feral cat took to the cosy blanket inside the Eco Kitty Cabin almost immediately. Our friends are being told of this great format.