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Fabulous product, exactly what I was looking for. Very well made… will last for years and years. Company service has been fantastic, with super fast delivery. Thank you!

Cat shelter

Very pleased with the quality of the house. We have now positioned it in the garden. Not sure yet if they have used it as the weather has been exceptionally hot. But hoping they will soon.

5 star

Quick easy purchase and speedy delivery. Quality sturdy cat cabin just the job.

Kitty Cabin - Oddballs
Lesley Stewart
Great Value

Had been looking for a Winter home for the local stray cat . It has had a look in but not sure it’s sleeping in it yet . But I’m sure when the weather gets colder it’ll love it. Made a wee cushion for it .
It’s well made and I’m sure the cat won’t bother its blue in colour !
I love it .

Cat house

Yep he’s finally using the house after a couple of weeks.. Good solid piece of plastic

Lovely little cabin

Very pleased, well made and came on time

Great to hear Tina thank you for your review

Kitty Cabin - Oddballs
Cathy Wheatley

These are great! I have a cattery and the pods are so good, all the cats love them!

Thanks Cathy - they are very good for catteries and shelters that's for sure!

Kitty Cabin - Oddballs

I purchased an oddball cat house and I am very pleased with my purchase, excellent price and very good quality. My cat has yet to use it but I now have peace of mind in that I have provided shelter for it.

We're glad you're happy and hopefully your cat will soon get used to it


We've recently acquired a pre-teen kitten who likes to roam. We don't have a cat flap or shelter in our back garden and were really keen to find some form of protection for our little lad in case he was out in the heat or rain. After some easy research this seemed like the ideal solution for what we needed. The cabin arrived very quickly and our inquisitive boy went straight into it. He's got a heated mat in there and uses it in the day, for somewhere quiet with a great vantage point, and we can sleep more easily when he decides not to come home at night. Thank you so much - great peace of mind.

Amazing to hear this - it honestly makes us so happy :D

Kitty Cabin - Oddballs
Helene Campbell
Great product

Hi. Ordered Tuesday and its arrived Thursday. Looks great can't wait to get it positioned in the garden for when my boys are gallivanting in the summer months. Shadow already been trying it out. Wanted to go direct to this family business.

Thank you Helene, we really appreciate that :)

kitty cabin outdoor pet shelter

I placed mine on the picnic table in the sun,my cat ate her breakfast and walked straight into her cabin and stayed there all morning ,looking out at me,she loves it. I would liked to have put a layer of styrofoam sheet in base but doorway too narrow,so I put her fluffy blanket inside, very snug.

That's great to hear, thanks for the review

Excellent Cat House

This product is fantastic,my cat started using it straight away when I put it in his favourite spot in the garden and encouraged him to enter it.
When it’s raining I now know he has somewhere warm and dry to shelter.
I lined the floor area with bubble wrap and covered it with cardboard from the box it came in then put in some towels.
I would recommend this little kennel if your cat likes to sleep outside or needs somewhere dry to shelter..😺

Andy this is what we love to hear! Thank you :)

Kitty Cabin Outdoor Pet Shelter
Lorna Buchanan-Holligworth

My cat has not used it yet as he is house bound following a move but I am sure when he is out he will love his new glamping pod. Excellent little house, very sturdy and bigger than I expected.

Glamping pod! Haha we will steal that from you - thanks!

A great outdoor shelter

Originally bought for our visiting feral cat to use but also proving popular with neighbours' cats to shelter when it rains and they are watching bird tv (the bird table).

Good service

Always helpful

Kitty Cabin Outdoor Pet Shelter


The doorstep wild boy is coming in step by step. He absolutely loves his cabin. I have put an igloo in it for him and it couldn't be better for him .Cosy cabins are the best!

Seems good - cats just not sure!

Didn’t know what colour we were getting so were pleased when a nice green one arrived. Delivery was quite quick even though it was right near Christmas. Popped it out on the backdoor step and so far not a drop of rain has got into it and it’s been chucking it down here recently, so that’s good. It’s sturdy, hasn’t blown away in the gusty winds we’ve been having and generally seems pretty solid. Our cat just keeps eyeing it up suspiciously though - for some reason she won’t stay in it. She did wander in the other day for a nosey, but hasn’t stayed in it which really surprised us. Hopefully over time she will. Now we’ve “rain tested” it we’re going to put one of her fleece blankets in the base and see if that makes it cosier for her - I suspect she’ll come round. Overall we’re impressed.

Thanks for this great review Nicola! Cats can be pretty choosy but you're doing all the right things. Ensuring it faces out of the wind and rain and adding a favourite blanket should mean she will enjoy her new home soon.

Kitty Cabin - Oddballs

Cosy cabins

Well made, very good product and I purchased the oddball which was a no brainer really.
Put straw in it and placed it outside for the cats who are constantly hanging around and hungry (because they are neglected by their owners, and I have a heart and feed them)
I don't think the cats have actually used it .. not even my cats went in it when it was in the house 😒 maybe they will ?? I'm sure I would when it's minus 8 degrees!

2 fluffy Bro,s

The perfect and the oddball cabins are both perfect. My Wegies are yet to try(so I think) but I’m hopeful with this cold weather😊self heating mats in, cardboard templates padded with bubble wrap and wrapped in plastic(ventilated)to insulate what’s not to like. If not I’m sure passing strays will appreciate👍🏼

Kitty Cabin - Oddballs
Elaine Clowes
Excellent for my elderly cat

I put this on the floor with the self heating mat I bought with it and my 17.5 year old cat was straight in it. It keeps him cosy and warm and although I bought it for outside I will buy another as it’s too cold for them outside at the moment

Lifeline for feral/homeless cats

Purchased this cabin for a rescue who deals with feral/homeless cats. They need shelter from the cold weather and these are ideal

Great kitty cabin!

Bought for my oldest cat . Where its been so wet ,and getting colder now it's an ideal place for her to go when she's outside. The self heating pad is comfy for her. Extremely pleased with this cabin.

The cat loves it!

Sturdy, solid and well made, I bought this to provide shelter for my partly feral cat, when he chooses to chill in the garden.