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Very well made, both my cats fit in together. The inside always stays dry even in the rain.

Cosy Cabin

A good quality, solid shelter. Easy to clean, including a handy drainage hole in the base so it can be hosed out.

Perfect chicken nest box

I saw the Cosy Cabins online and immediately thought they looked like just what I needed for my chickens! The chickens love it and like to tuck themselves in at the back and lay their eggs. Its weather proof, spacious and looks good too. Eggcellent! 😁

Great hide away

Great quality, my cat can get out the rain when we’re not around, great idea

Hedgehog zhouse

It is a brilliant house for hedgehogs as it will not absob water and rot

Kitty Cabin - Oddballs
Paul Eaton-Jones

The fact that they were advertised as oddities didn’t put me off. I was looking to add a fifth to my back garden and the price spurred me on. I was very surprised to find it delivered just two days after ordering it and set to filling it with straw for the visitors to my garden. A neighbour and I feed and shelter up to ten stray and feral cats so there’s always a need for more sheltering places as there are always new arrivals. The purple/speckled cabin proved to be a favourite place not only for the strays but another neighbouring cat who seems to have claimed it. I haver recommended the cabins to many of my friends who have their own cats or feed strays.

Great Cosy Cabin

I now have a very Cosy Stray Cat (Fluff Fluff) living in a Very Cosy Cabin its good to know he is sheltered from the the rain ect. It is a suburb - thank you!


My cat absolutely loves this. He is in this day & night. It’s fabulous. Website doesn’t do it justice. Highly recommend

Cool Cat

Really pleased with our purchase. A very fussy cat went in it as soon as we put it down for him.. He now lays in it every time he goes outside. He loves it

Satisfied cat

Our outdoor cat took to the cabin straight away, particularly during the recent rain.


Absolutely pleased with it lovely and solid and cosy,well worth the money.well done.

Hedge hog house

Fantastic fast service

Fantastic hedgehog house

We got this as it appeared to be better than the wooden houses offered in stores. It appears roomy, insulated and weather proof and has a lift off roof to enable changing of bedding

Brilliant house for our stray cat Scruffy

The kitty cabin oddball is good value and bigger than we thought it would be. The dark grey colour matches our anthracite windows and door perfectly. It is so nice to know that scruffy is dry and warm now instead of sleeping out in the open. We are very pleased with it and so is Scruffy, he sleeps in it every night.

Outdoor cat cabin

Very sturdy well made cabin, roomy inside and stays dry in the rain. The cat isn't too impressed and has only poked his head in a few times but he's just sulking because he's not used to being shut out of the house when noone is in (we don't have a cat flap and were having to leave a window open which I didn't like doing)I'm impressed with it even if he isn't!


We bought this for our Kittens who are getting ready to go outside :)

They jumped in it straight away when we took it out the box and now happy that when they go outside they will have a warm and cosy familiar space in the garden if they need it x

Kitty Cabin - Oddballs
Michelle Sturdy

Great for my stray cat. More room than I thought. Room for cat to get in on bedding and put bowl to open end. Very easy to clean. I think this is amazing value for money at £40 with delivery. I bought one of the seconds so it was cheaper.

I love it, shame that the cat doesn’t … yet

Fab product, well made and sturdy. Just so annoying that the cat refuses to go in it 🙄. I will persevere and will try to position it in other areas to see if that makes a difference. Such a shame, but not a reflection on the actual product.

Great product

Just what I wanted, perfect. Excellent service and process, thank you

Excellent Idea and Love The Style

Great quality, sits nicely in the back garden as we don't have a cat flap and our cat loves sheltering in it, watching the rain. Well designed and constructed and looks good!


Cat used it straight away . Great help from Cosy cabins

Kitty Cabin - Oddballs
Nicholas Peter collins
Looked perfectly good to me

Could not tell that it was a second. The cat took to it straight away and the roof overhang keeps the rain out nicely

Kitty Cabin - Oddballs
Dianne Foulkes
Great product

Great, fully waterproof shelter for cats. Product was well packaged and delivered quickly. Thanks

Self heating mat

It works . but overpriced I think.