Charities we work with

Ever since we launched Cosy Cabins in 2021 it's been part of our mission to help cats (and other small pets and wildlife) in need. This is through direct donations of Kitty Cabins or fundraising by customers and staff.
In response to many requests for help, we've now established a charity giving programme so that we can help more animals and be fair to all those needing help. 
Charities we have supported:
  1. Cats Protection UK - £500 cash donation in 2022
  2. Maria's Animal Shelter, Cornwall - nominated charity for 2023; £270.59 donated by our customers.
  3. We have also donated many Kitty Cabins to cat rehoming and shelter groups and charities around the UK - too many to mention!
Charities who have joined our charity giving programme since 1 October 2023 are listed below.