Eco-friendly Kitty Cabin - made from 100% recycled waste plastic

Eco-friendly Kitty Cabin - made from 100% recycled waste plastic

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Kitty Cabins are one of the UK’s favourite pet shelters but is there anything we can do to make them even better?

Over the last few months we’ve trialled versions of the Kitty Cabin using waste material from, you guessed it, making the Kitty Cabin!

We use a moulding process that doesn’t create a lot of waste but we always try and re-use as much as we can. We wanted to make sure the Cabin still looks good and is nice and smooth inside so it’s comfortable for pets.

And now, we think we’ve cracked it!

Introducing the Eco Kitty Cabin - just as robust and good-looking as the original but made entirely from waste plastic. This 100% recycled plastic pet shelter shows how manufacturing can help us meet our global commitment to net zero.

The original Cabin is made from a highly durable moulded plastic so it lasts a long time. We think it’s already pretty good as an environmentally friendly pet shelter. But to go one step further this recycled version gives you that extra feel-good factor that no new plastic was used in its making.

The Kitty Cabin is a great pet shelter for cats and other small animals and is made in the UK, in Cornwall actually, by PolyPet Ltd.

Claire Walker, managing director of Polypet, said: “The Cabin is made from a plastic powder that’s heated inside a metal mould until it forms the shape. The challenge was to produce something that looks attractive. Traditionally reprocessed plastic is all black, no matter the original colour of the waste material. Now we have managed to recycle our waste in a way that the finished product is a random colour effect.

“I’m so pleased we got it right in the end and I can’t wait to see what customers - and their pets - think of it.”

As this is a brand new eco pet shelter we are offering a launch discount to all customers of 10% off the usual price. This offer is limited so get in quick!

PolyPet makes Cosy Cabins for all kinds of pets. Kitty Cabins are a British made product. 

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